The Annual Purge Party

The Annual Purge Party

Thursday 31st October
22:00 - 04:00

Event Details

This is not a test, this is your emergency broadcast system announcing the annual Purge sanctioned by ATIK. Persons of age 18 and over have been authorised to participate.

No one has been granted immunity.

Commencing at 10:00pm with free entry before 11:00pm and £2.50 drinks all night. The Purge will continue for 6 hours until 4:00am when the annual Purge concludes.

#CreepItReal with one of our Malibu Halloween cocktail specials, on a sale at the bar throughout the Halloween festivities.

Drink Offers:
Selected drinks just £2.50, all night!

Admission Information:

Free entry before 11:00pm
£2.00 entry before 12:00am
£4.00 thereafter

NUS Card Holders: Register for your juiced wristband at reception for free entry before midnight, every night!