House of Tequila: Flowerbomb
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House of Tequila: Flowerbomb

Saturday 29th February
22:00 - 04:00


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Event Details

House of Tequila are back and bringing you Flowerbomb!

With free entry and 50% off all drinks before 11:00pm... Expect the craziest party Hull has ever seen!

- Full club decor 
- Body painters 
- Confetti cannons 
- Hippie Dancers  
- Psychedelic visuals

Drink Offers:
50% off all drinks before 11:00pm!

Budweiser - £2.25
Smirnoff & Red Bull - £2.05
Jager Bomb - £2.05

Admission Information:
£2.00 entry before 11:00pm
£3.00 entry before 12:00am
£4.00 entry before 1:00am
£5.00 standard entry