Fridays: 75p Entry, 75p Drinks

Fridays: 75p Entry, 75p Drinks

Friday 27th December
21:00 - 04:00


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Event Details

Party Fridays in Vinyl bring you the best in pop, party and disco... The perfect way to start your weekend!

- CO2 cannons
- Confetti cannons
- Full club decor
- Giveaways

Drink Offers:
75p drinks before 12:00am (£1.50 thereafter), including:

- VKs
- Stella
- Becks
- Jungfrau
- Wild
- Sambuca
- Archers
- Gordon's Gin
- Smirnoff Red
- Malibu

Admission Information:
75p entry before 12:00am / £5.00 thereafter