Quids in Presents Twisted x Zombie Fairies

Quids in Presents Twisted x Zombie Fairies

Saturday 26th October
21:00 - 04:00

Event Details

Halloween Part 1 presents: Zombie Fairies School Disco featuring the haunted bouncy castle!

Let's bounce into Halloween with an event to remember.

- Live entertainers, including as angle grinders, dancers and stilt-performers
- CO2 cannons
- Confetti cannons
- Light shows

#CreepItReal with one of our Malibu Halloween cocktail specials, on a sale at the bar throughout the Halloween festivities.

Who's ready to get twisted?

Drink Offers:
Selected drinks from just £1.00 before 12:00am

Smirnoff & mixer
Bottle of Budweiser
Jack Daniel's & mixer
Malibu & mixer
Bacardi & mixer
Jose Cuervo Tequila
Sambuca Antica
Captain Morgan's Rum (White & Spiced)
Jungfru – bomb

Other drinks from just £2.00 before 12:00am

Vodka & Red Bull 
Pint of Becks Vier
Glass of House wine
Ciroc Vodka & mixer
Gordon’s Gin & mixer
Bottle of Corona

Admission Information:

Free entry before 11:00pm
£3.00 entry before 12:00am
£5.00 thereafter