ATIK's 1st Birthday w/ Special Guest Majestic

ATIK's 1st Birthday w/ Special Guest Majestic

Saturday 26th October
22:00 - 03:00

Event Details

We will be turning one and will be having a big party to celebrate an amazing year! Majestic will be joining us on Saturday 26th October for a special guest set.

Featuring 3 rooms of music...

ATIK: Chart and club
Vinyl: Pop and the cheesiest party classics with our flashy dance floor
Curve: R&b and hip-hop classics

#CreepItReal with one of our Malibu Halloween cocktail specials, on a sale at the bar throughout the Halloween festivities.

Drink Offers:
50% off all drinks before 11:00pm every Friday and Saturday

Admission Information:
Free entry before 11:00pm
£6.00 entry before 12:00am
£7.00 entry before 1:00am
£8.00 entry before 2:00am

Please Note: Tickets are non-refundable if you arrive before 11:00pm

We are 50% off drinks and free entry 10:00pm - 11:00pm Thursday, Friday & Saturday. (may not apply on gala sessions). We cannot refund tickets if you purchase a ticket then arrive before 11:00pm when it's free.

We require ID as a condition of entry and use Scannet. We only accept in date passports, driving license, ID with Pass logo, we may accept a national ID.

We search everyone as a condition of entry for protection of everyone. Please do not bring vape refill as we will need to confiscate.

What is your dress code?
We know this is a difficult rule to set, which is why we try and keep it as simple as we can.

We ask that our customers arrive smartly dressed and keep it stylish, fashionable and fresh but we do make a decision on an individual basis. We work hard to make sure ATIK looks ready for you to party so we ask that you do the same.

We advise against wearing sports or gym style trainers, however we do accept some pumps like Converse and Vans. 
We can’t make promises over the phone or by email – it’s just too tricky, so come down on the night and if you look the part then you shouldn't have a problem.

Remember: Dress to impress!