VIP of the Month with Jagermeister Cold Brew

This January we're teaming up with Jägermeister to ease those post-Christmas this winter. So, what is Jägermeister Cold Brew? It's the perfect blend of the classic Jägermeister herbal liqueur with a generous helping of strong roasted Arabica coffee and a hint of chocolatey cacao. Distinctive aromatic spicy notes lead to a delicious, sweet and rich finish. Crafted exclusively with all-natural ingredients, every element comes together to create a taste of the unexpected. Throughout January you can enjoy a luxury booth, entry for up to 8 people and a bottle of the innovative Jägermeister Cold Brew for our lowest price to date.


  • 1 x 50cl bottle of Jagermeister Cold Brew
  • 1 x VIP booth
  • 8 x Admissions

This deal is currently unavailable