Halloween Weekender: Nuclear Fallout ft. Deno

Halloween Weekender: Nuclear Fallout ft. Deno

Friday 25th October
21:30 - 04:00

Event Details


This is NOT a drill, please make your way directly to the safety of ATIK as the ultimate Halloween weekender has arrived! Proceed through our decontamination zone before entering the safe aware, but beware of mutants and nuclear fallout along the way...

- Thousands of people!
- Scare actors and entertainment
- 4 rooms of music with Deno live in the main room
- Advance tickets from only £3.00
- Confetti, props, pyros, balloons and more
- FULL venue decor
- Drink deals ALL night

... and loads more!

Drink Offers:
£2.50 - Antica Classic / Jose Cuervo Gold
£2.50 - Smirnoff Red & Mixer / Captain Morgan's White Rum
£3.00 - VKs / Stella / Jagerbomb
£3.00 - Jack Daniel's & Mixer / Captain Morgan's Spiced & Mixer
£3.00 - Vodka Red Bull
£4.00 - Double Vodka Red Bull

£8.50 - Sex on the Beach cocktail sharer

Admission Information:
£1.00 entry before 10:30pm
£2.00 entry before 11:00pm
£3.00 entry before 11:30pm

Booth Deals: Enjoy a booth and a bottle of Smirnoff w/ mixers from £30.00. To book, call us on: 01206 762 555 to book.

Dress Code: Dress to impress and ready to party, please avoid sports trainers, any footwear with air bubbles and brightly coloured footwear. No hats or hoodies are permitted to be worn in the venue. If you have any questions regarding our dress code and admission policies you can call us on: 01206 762 555